List Warriors
Warriors of the realm
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 15 Admin Kalisiin Degolburg Druid Female 26 days
Yes 15 Peasant Fennic Degolburg Human Male 25 days
Yes 14 Artist Ophylia inside Dwelling Elf Female 37 days
No 13 Saint Raxxla Xanterra Lycan Male 1 day
Yes 13 Farmboy Marlin inside Dwelling Elf Male 39 days
Yes 11 Goddess of Wind Melanie Castle Kujitai Female 2 days
Yes 11 Morta inside Dwelling Felyne Female 1 day
Yes 11 Maestro Arcenciel inside Dwelling Storm Giant Female 37 days
Yes 9 Captain Kristy inside Dwelling Magician Female 1 day
Yes 8 Incubus Manta Clan Barracks Barbarian Male 8 days
Yes 8 Peasant Jeniffer inside Dwelling Dwarf Female 15 days
No 7 Apprentice Tryust Harlingen Pirate Male 36 days
Yes 6 Amanda Kujita (Online) Viking Female Today
Yes 6 Farmgirl Liais Degolburg Elf Female 12 days
Yes 5 Shogun Delvin Brazoria (Online) Magician Male Today
Yes 5 Samurai endire inside Dwelling Magician Male 1 day
Yes 5 Elementalist Quent Willow Grove Human Male 56 days
Yes 5 Peasant Barton inside Dwelling Lupine Male 37 days
Yes 4 Goddess of Stone Marlie inside Dwelling Druid Female 1 day
Yes 3 Dragon Fighter Knight Kujita Kujitai Male 1 day
Yes 3 Farmboy Revan Glorfindal Elf Male 52 days
Yes 1 Farmboy ouAxwTtBiSjYCFQD Degolburg Horrible Gelatinous Blob Male 3 days
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