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Semester Break!!
Ice Goddess Melanie2023-12-04 16:09:27
Semester break is now here, finals are done. I now have a month off school before my next semester starts...apologies for my absence.

Equipment Shop
Ice Goddess Melanie2023-11-12 13:43:18
I believe it goes without saying, but, when an item is listed in the shop as created for a specific player, please be respectful and do not purchase that item...even if it is available.

If it is, it means the player in question has not yet collected the item. This is one of the rewards given players for various DK achievements, and, in time, you also will have unique items created for you, and in turn, other players will be asked to respect that it is for YOU.

I know this is not a problem for our regular players, but it is useful to remind players of this when a new custom item has been created...and one just was...for Kristy.

Crunch Time Over
Admin Kalisiin2023-10-09 12:28:05
OK, folks, so I have finished all assignments for my "crunch class" which is my Ethics class.

Just waiting on final grade. Getting settled in at the new job, and, with now just two classes for the rest of the Semester, I should have some more time so I can come back.

I am off work tomorrow, so I will be resetting the Tournament again at that time.

I am sorry for the absence, but life threw me a heckuva curveball all at once, and it took some doing to get myself back on track.

I should be back online tomorrow.

Tournament Reset
Admin Kalisiin2023-09-29 19:40:37
Apologies for delay, but I have had some upheaval in my life recently. For those who did not know, I quit my job and got a new job.

So there was a lot of stress going on at my old job, and I was very busy looking for a new one before quitting the old one.

Additionally, it is crunch time for one of my three classes, as it is a half-semester class, and final exams and papers are due next week. Both papers are now done, but I still have two weekly modules, a quiz and a final exam to go there.

Additionally, I was TRYING to give one player a chance to finish the Tournament, since they had 14 rounds done, and were in a position to move up the ranks if they completed the 15th round...however, it has now been near three weeks since a Tournament reset, so I could no longer hold out.

Good luck in the next Tournament everyone!

New Items!!
Admin Kalisiin2023-09-23 15:49:56
Ok, I have been working on this a while, and finally have it right, so I am rolling it out.

The two new items, both available for purchase at Vixen's Shop in Mageville are
Juice of Sapho and Super Sapho.

They are equivalent to
Aether and Turbo Aether respectively...but instead of working on Mana, they work on Wisdom in the same manner.

P.S. for those who do not recognize this...it is a reference to the Dune novels by Frank Herbert.

The Juice of Sapho was what gave a Mentat his/her powers.

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion
It is by the Juice of Sapho that the thoughts acquire speed
The lips acquire stains
The stains become a warning
It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.

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