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Factions Warfare Now Open
Wraith Melanie2022-09-24 20:56:22
No points yet...see other MOTDs about this.

Good News!!
Admin Kalisiin2022-09-24 18:33:40
Everything, functionally, has checked out with the Factions.

There may be a few minor spelling or grammatical errors, and I will appreciate anyone calling those to my attention if they see them (just Petition or YOM Melanie)

Of course, should you find a functional problem I have missed somehow, I need to know as soon as possible...so that it can be fixed. But I am pretty sure none of those exist.

After launch, there will be no points awardrd to Factions for a testing period. I will need to know, from different players, at different levels...if the missions are too difficult, or too easy....or just right. I can only test them from my own character, so I need to know they are the right challenge on all levels.

Once I have the challenge level set correctly, we will begin points.

In the meantime, I will ask players to take a careful look to make sure that you are awarded the correct amount of gold and gems for Missions, and that your Faction Treasury also is (I checked and it seems to work, but you never know...so more eyes are better than fewer eyes)

Even once points launch, you should know that when you trigger the Mission as a random event in the Forest...if you fail the Mission you will NOT DIE. Your life will be spared. And you will then be able to choose a new Mission.

A full writeup of how this new Module works is now posted in Kalisiin's Cottage. Please do check that out.

The Factions Warfare will open a little later today as I have a few minor tweaks and adds which will not alter functionality.

Another Factions Update
Admin Kalisiin2022-09-24 11:49:12
I will be testing one last aspect of Factions - most likely this afternoon. Once that checks out, I will be launching Factions Warfare...but without Faction Points at the moment, as I wish first to assess if the strength of the Missions is right...or if they are too easy or too hard....from the perspective of ALL players on all different levels. Your feedback will be valuable here.

Once I have determined the strength to be right, or tweaked it to get it right...then the points aspect will launch.

So, it is now imminent!! Meanwhile, I have written up a section in Kalisiin's Cottage about Factions Warfare, so you can read up on how it all is going to work...and rev up your anticipation!

Your patience with this process is much appreciated, rewards are at hand soon!!

As always, thanks for playing!!

P.S. You should bear in mind that you can NEVER be killed on a Mission. If you lose, your life will be spared.

Factions Update
Admin Kalisiin2022-09-23 03:59:28
Almost everything is working now.

I just have a few tweaks to make...this is gameplay related, not functional.

I will have time to work on this over the weekend, and my anticipation now is that the Factions Fighting should launch over the weekend.

Before I launch I want to add a full writeup in Kalisiin's Cottage about how it all works because it's toop complicated for an MOTD.

I apologize for the delay and my own absence, but I just started a new full-time job and it's taken it outta me big time.

But we ARE almost there!!

Factions Testing Update
Admin Kalisiin2022-09-20 04:27:41
A number of things are not functioning correctly, not so players would necessarily notice during testing.

I am working out these bugs slowly, so the launch will not be happening as soon as I had hoped.

But this is also why I do this testing before launching the modules.

This stuff is gonna work, I just need to do some things differently than I have been doing them.

It will take me more time, also because I have a new job and do not have the free time to work on this as once I did. I do hope you all will be patient.

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