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Ocean Goddess Melanie2023-02-05 14:15:09
I am pleased to see the scoring is now more as intended. Additionally, gratified to see the growth in The Mercantilist's Guild, adding a third significant Faction into the mix...now if only we can get the Demons to grow just a bit, this can start to get quite fun!

Recent Donations
Ocean Goddess Melanie2023-02-05 13:59:51
As always, thanks to our donating players...YOU are what makes this site possible, since bandwidth is not free.

I have tried, as best I can, to balance off the need to maintain this site financially...with the needs of those with limited means.

Thus, all features that are donor-only...become available to anyone making a donation as small as $1. Also, unlike other sites, that depend on the calendar month...when you donate here, the features are opened for a full thirty days from the date of your donation...thus, no worries about getting only a week's worth when you donate on, say the 23rd of a month!

One can play a very rich and full-featured game here without ever donating anything...only the very best features are held as donor-only, in order to reward those who do donate.

I believe all outstanding rewards have been given, if, however, you are due a reward and did not get it, please YOM me and I will address it.

As always, we thank all our players, because, without you, this site would not be what it is. We especially thank those who choose to, and are able, to help defray the expenses of running this site for the enjoyment of all!

Ocean Goddess Melanie2023-01-16 16:32:47
They now seem to be scoring more as intended.

As of this moment, Canna is leading...and it should be, as they have completed more Missions than Kujita.

However, it is not blowing out as it used to.

Kujita needs to step it up, and the other Factions need to jump in, too.

This can work very well, by all preliminary indications.

Tournament Reset
Admin Kalisiin2023-01-10 23:28:00
Apologies this was not done yesterday. As some of you may know, I am an Officer of the North Carolina Democratic Party, and I sit in the Executive Council.

We had an emergency meeting last night...and so I did not end up resetting the Tournament.

It is now reset, and prizes given.

Factions Update Number Four
Admin Kalisiin2023-01-04 23:08:48
I think I found the problem with score calculation. Some of my formulas were backwards. This caused one Faction to score really high, because when they fought the Factions where the calculation was reversed, they got a high multiplier factor instead of a low one.

I believe this is now fixed, so I am once more resetting Factioon Scores and my monitor of number of Missions accomplished.

THIS...should...(should is the operative word here) make this score more as intended.

As in real life, there is not much glory in defeating an enemy weaker than you...likewise, there is great glory in defeating an enemy stronger than you....the scoring here tries to take this factor into account, thus, Factions with higher scores will score less on Missions than those with lower scores.

This makes it harder for one Faction to run up the scoreboard, as they get less gain...and those with less score would get more each gain, making it easier to catch up.

Obviously, the factoring is set such that if equally scoring Factions are against each other...there is no additional gain or loss...as they are equal.

So the factor could be said to be ONE in that case. On the other hand, a Faction with double the score of their opponent, would get a factor of 0.5 on their scoring, while a Faction going up against another that has double their score...would get a Factor of 2.0

That is at least what is INTENDED.

And this is not the actual factoring, it is meant as an example.

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