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Small Change To Topiary - Chopsticks
Goddess of Stone Melanie2018-11-29 05:53:54
I decided to try making this work so that the longer the fly goes without being caught, the better the chances get that someone will catch it.

It seems to be working. The odds do not get better quickly but they do get better.

And the longer the fly goes without getting caught the higher is the jackpot. Thus, as the jackpot goes up...the chances of someone hitting it goes up.

Aviary - HOF Added
Goddess of Stone Melanie2018-11-14 06:25:26
Biostats on the birds has been fixed. For a reason I can't believe I was stupid enough to code, if you were viewing someone else's bio...it showed YOUR BIRD in the THEIR bio...now it correctly shows the bird of the person whose bio you are viewing and not the bird YOU happen to have.

Meanwhile, I have added a HOF category so that you can see all the players n the game who have birds.

It will only show players who CURRENTLY HAVE BIRDS...and it will show how many of that bird they have trained (and if you get to a Phoenix, which you never lose, this will never be more than 1.)

Tournament Reset and Special Contest
Goddess of Stone Melanie2018-10-01 18:07:04
October Tournament 2 begins now, same rules as below apply.
The Tournament has been reset. In order to encourage more participation in The Tournament, for this Tournament, the first place winner will also receive two free "New Day" Passes, which can be used at a time of player's choosing to trigger a new day.

Second and third place will receive one free "New Day" Pass.

The New Day Pass is handled through the Item System, thus you will be able to trigger it from your backpack or from your list of Items in the Village on the left-side navigation bar.

For those who do not know how it works:
The Tournament consists of fifteen challenges, one for each level, and may be played in any order you wish. The scoring on it is entirely random, so anyone has an equal chance of winning, regardless of the number of dragon kills or other strength stats they have.

The Tournament center shows up in your home town (which depends on your race, but it is the same place Bluspring's shows up) and also the Tournament Center is accessible from Degolburg, the capital city, where the Hall O Fame shows up.

The Tournament I reset and give prizes twice a month, and may increase this in the event of increased participation. Winners of each contest are enshrined in Kalisiin's Cottage until the end of the next Tournament.

Hoping this will encourage more participation in The Tournament. The normal prizes alone are very nice, and the cost to enter is very cheap...but, as an added incentive, I am, as a temporary measure for now, adding this extra bonus to Tournament winners.

Special Note: because I am playing excessively as still am testing and building certain things up, I changed the program slightly so that my character does NOT ever show up as the DK Leader. I want that to be the players of the game, not me.

Hurricane Florence Update
Goddess of Stone Melanie2018-09-11 02:14:42
Admin may be offline for a few days, beginning Thursday as we ride out Hurricane Florence. Apologies in advance for any slow response time as a result.

This Site Will Be Moving
Admin Kalisiin2018-09-09 16:22:04
Due to circumstances with our current host, this site will move, one more time, in the near future. Likely the site will be back at kalisiin.com

More info on this is forthcoming. Right now dealing with a hurricane coming our way.

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