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Goddess of Power Melanie2021-12-01 15:42:53
Ninjutsu has now been updated, and is a RAGE Specialty. It is still in the testing phase, but everything seems to be working, at least initially.

You need 75 DK and 750 Lodge Points earned in order to select this Specialty (as always, it does not actually charge you the Lodge Points to select it, you just have to have them)

More modified Specialties are coming, but, now that I have managed to do at least one for each type, RAGE, MANA, and WISDOM, they should get easier to do.

You're welcome to try it out, if you have the requisite DK and Lodge Points, but it is not yet fully tested, and the strength may also change as testing proceeds, to make sure the strength is as intended, and not too weak or too strong.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and, as always, thanks for playing!

Arcane Runes
Goddess of Power Melanie2021-11-29 12:38:02
Arcane Runes is the latest Specialty to be converted...it is also a WISDOM specialty. You will need 25 dragonkills and 250 Lodge points to give it a try. As always, it does not actually charge you Lodge Points when you select it...but you have to have earned it.

This is still in the testing phases, so - while it seems to work for the moment, I cannot yet guarantee there will be no problems...and of course, the strength may need to be tweaked.

You need to have a working knowledge of Runes and their meanings to understand the names of the spells in this case - or you will just figure it out as you go.

The next Specialties I will attempt to convert will be RAGE Specialties. Once I am able to convert all three types, it should be easier to convert them without problems that cause the system to crash...but as always, they will need to be tested and tweaked to make sure the strength is correct.

Daily Hints
Goddess of Power Melanie2021-11-28 16:26:53
In response to popular feedback, a Daily Hint will appear on your new day screen. What hint you get in a particular day is random.

Right now, I only did ten hints, just to test this thing out. Will be helpful to me for players to let me know what sorts of hints they might wish to see there. No big game secrets will be revealed this way, this is just for small hints and tips, because this site has a lot of unique features.

YOM me with questions you might have about how things work, and you may see a Daily Hint come up that then answers that question. Of course, if it is a small secret, I will also likely answer you directly, rather than making you wait till it happens to come up.

But the idea here is that, if you don't understand how a particular something works, other players may not either. This feature is intended to help new players become more familiar with all that is offered here.

Goddess of Power Melanie2021-11-27 03:44:15
The latest converted Specialty has just been uploaded. It is Tactician, replacing Tactics Skills, and it is also a WISDOM Specialty.

This will be being tested out by me over the course of the next few days to make sure everything works right, but you are also welcome to select it now, if you have the requisite number of DK (125) and Lodge Points (1250) - it will not charge your Lodge Points to select this, but you have to have earned that many in order to unlock this Specialty.

Likely, I will do one more Wisdom Specialty in the near future, then will try doing one or two new ones for RAGE. Then a couple for MANA - trying to keep this even.

Anyways, enjoy!

Goddess of Power Melanie2021-11-24 17:18:49
Psionic has been converted to the first-ever "Wisdom" Specialty. I am still testing this...the functionality appears to now have been all worked out, so, if you have the requisite number of DK and Lodge points, you can select this Specialty.

For this one, you need 20 DK and 200 Lodge Points (it will not subtract from your Lodge Points to select this specialty.)

I am still testing the strength of this Specialty, to make sure it is not unbalancing, and that it works at the strength intended.

But you are free to choose it at this time.

NOTE: Wisdom works exactly like Mana...but, since this is the very first Wisdom Specialty to come available, you will start with lower max Wisdom Points than you probably have Mana points for the time being.

Other specialties are planned for conversion...likely I will do 2-3 more in the Wisdom arena so as to give a good selection.

Incidentally, too...when Specialties are converted....their book is being removed from the Library at the Haunted Caste in Xanterra.

Books will be added back later if it seems indicated. Since these specialties work differently than the traditional ones, I need to determine if adding them back is indicated or not.

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