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Silver Goddess Melanie2019-11-06 06:35:01
My apologies for ongoing absence of Admins.

You should have some explanation, as this is a situation I expect will be in play until March if not November of next year.

We will try to check in as often as we can, but it will be sporadic.

The reason for this is that I am running for the North Carolina Senate.

I have been laying groundwork for months, and my official campaign kickoff is this Saturday, November 9...and official filing will be Dec. 2

So my life is about to be turned completely upside-down...and chances are REAL good you will be able to follow me in the national news...my campaign is that historic.

If it was any state other than North Carolina...and I was anyone other than who I am it would not be so...but this is going to likely have national coverage.

Think Danica Roem in Virginia.

News for Fri, Nov 27, 2020
God Knight was attacked by a bandit in Elemenia and slew the vile fiend!
Knight has earned the title God for having slain 103 Dragons!
Maestro Knight has slain the hideous Dragon.. All across the land, people rejoice!
The following locations are open for Dragon Egg Research by all warriors that have at least 1 Dragon Kill: Jail - Hara's Bakery - Paula's Gift Shop - Merick's Stables
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