LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)
Goddess of Wind Melanie2022-05-24 13:57:38
My apologies the Tournament was not reset yesterday as usual. We had very bad weather here and I wanted no part of being on the computer during it!

Resetting shortly!

Real Life™ Intrusion
Goddess of Wind Melanie2022-05-14 08:41:55
Some of you may already know this...but Real Life™ has seriously intruded on me lately, and likely for the remainder of the month of May, I will not be on as regularly as I have been.

I apologize for this, and I will handle things as quickly as I can. I ask for understanding here at this time.

Donation Incentives
Goddess of Wind Melanie2022-05-03 00:06:46
After some thought, I have decided on the following for donation incentives.

For a $5 donation, you can choose any of the following:

100,000 gold
50 gems
5 Free Turns (ten uses any time you wish) - this is given in the form of an Item which you activate when you wish to use it, and it has ten charges.

For $10 - you can get double on the above
OR you can get one attack point or one defense point

For $20 - you can get 4 times the $5 level
OR 2 times the $10 level
2 times the $5 level plus one $10 level.

After making donation, please indicate your preferred reward by a YOM to Melanie. Or Petition. OR include it in the comments on the donation.

YOM is best and most likely to be quickly seen and acted on.

New Donation Incentives
Goddess of Wind Melanie2022-04-28 19:21:38
I recently perfected a way, through the Item System...to give rewards to players (incidentally can also penalize for bad behavior, though I don't think that is a problem here, LOL)

What I would like to do, now that I can...is to get a feel for (within reason) what would be a good extra reward for donations...in five-dollar increments.

In other words, you would get 2x the bonus for $10, 4X the bonus for 20, etc.

I can reward things like gold, gems, attack points, defense points, charm, pvp fights, gravefights, turns, hitpoints...there's many possibilities.

Please YOM Melanie with your thoughts on what might be desired as bonuses...remembering to stay in reason, the economics of this site are on a much different scale than most other sites.

If we can get some good, reasonable reward suggestions in they will be implemented.

Change At Petra's Tattoo Parlor
Goddess of Wind Melanie2022-04-23 20:10:27
We were getting SO MANY tats available that one had to scroll a lot sometimes to see all the tats available...so we made a change.

Now, in Petra's main Parlor...you see the various tats collections...whether or not you qualify for any in that category.

When you select a category...you get some perfunctory output from Petra...and the list of tats in that category you can get will show...and you can select from them...or you can still choose to not get a tat that day.

This makes scrolling unnecessary - but it does add a click to the process.

I thought this was better in light of the fact that three additional tat sets are yet coming...and more may come too...so this was a way to manage it better.

The outputs and a few things may change, like colors...I just put in some perfunctory comment for the moment as placeholders for the categories.

I hope this change makes the Tattoo Parlor more manageable!!

I have tested this system and it does work. Only tats you qualify for show...once you get a tat it no longer shows.

I will likely need to fiddle around a bit to have some commentary in those sections when you have obtained all of a category....but for now...this will do.

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