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Tournament Has Been Reset
Admin Kalisiin2023-05-29 20:25:41
Apologies for this not happening weekly...working full-time while going to school full time has proved to be a bit tougher than I had thought.

However, my scholl term ends next Thursday, so I expect to be able to be around a bit more - at least till the new term starts in September...and I will try to keep on top of resets a bit better.

The problem is my current school goes on quarters rather than semesters, so there's a ton of material crammed into a very short time...the school I am starting in September does semesters, and so i am hoping that it won't be quite as stressful.

Anyway, Tournament is reset, everyone has gotten credit and prizes for donations that I am aware of, so if anything has not been credited, please Petition.

Thanks again for bearing with me...the school term is soon finished!

Tournament Reset
Admin Kalisiin2023-05-09 22:21:05
I ask your continued indulgence and patience. I am in Week 7 of 11 for my classes...after which I am free till September. So about a month to go.

I have reset the Tournament, and I have credited all donations and given donation prizes.

I am hopeful I will have a chance to break away an play, but trying as best I can to keep on top of things while working full time and going to school full-time.

Again, thanks for playing, thanks for your support, and above all, thanks for your patience.

I Escaped For A Day
Ocean Goddess Melanie2023-04-23 22:09:44
I finished all my classwork a bit early, so I get to play!!

Sorry I have been absent, but I am trying to keep up Admin duties during this!

Tournament Reset
Admin Kalisiin2023-04-19 11:31:00
Sorry for the long Tournament. Once again...school and work at the same time is very time consuming and a little overwhelming.

I am in Week 4 of 11 in my classes for this quarter, and then I will be off until September.

Just going to ask that people continue to be understanding of the fact that my time is very limited at the moment.

Admin Kalisiin2023-04-01 21:18:55
For those who do not know this, I have decided to return to school. So now I am working full time while taking three classes online.

It's overwhelming as all hell, so, first, I will ask your patience as I may not be around as frequently as I used to be...or would wish.

Next semester I think I will take only two classes instead of three...this is too hard.

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