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Minor Change
Admin Kalisiin2021-09-27 09:38:12
I moved the Keyring to Vital Info, nearer to the top. You can now find it under the Cannaria Map - riight above the timer that shows time to next New Day.

I thought this was a better location for this item, as it is something people may wish to check more frequently.

I am wondering if moving the Notepad to that same location would also be beneficial. Please YOM myself or Melanie about this.

Admin Returning
Silver Goddess Melanie2021-09-26 01:40:53
Well, I did not win my election, but did better that anyone else had thought I could.

Then the pandemic hit. Now trying to get back into more regular things.

Absence Of Admin
Silver Goddess Melanie2019-11-06 06:35:01
My apologies for ongoing absence of Admins.

You should have some explanation, as this is a situation I expect will be in play until March if not November of next year.

We will try to check in as often as we can, but it will be sporadic.

The reason for this is that I am running for the North Carolina Senate.

I have been laying groundwork for months, and my official campaign kickoff is this Saturday, November 9...and official filing will be Dec. 2

So my life is about to be turned completely upside-down...and chances are REAL good you will be able to follow me in the national news...my campaign is that historic.

If it was any state other than North Carolina...and I was anyone other than who I am it would not be so...but this is going to likely have national coverage.

Think Danica Roem in Virginia.

An Issue With Firefox Browsers and This Site
Silver Goddess Melanie2019-08-09 05:44:24
I have just become aware that Firefox Browser, for some reason, on this site, causes something to go a little wonky, and it causes your Specialties fightnavs to misalign.

This happens on no other browser that I am aware of. I am consulting with other coders to see if a reason and a solution can be found for this problem.

Meanwhile, here are the recommended workarounds:

1 - use another browser, like Chrome or Iridium (which is a Chrome knockoff) I have not experienced this problem with either browser...and I myself was able to reproduce this using Firefox...so it really DOES seem to be a problem with Firefox.

The other option...is to download a browser called Waterfox. This is very similar to Firefox, and is also done by Mozilla and has full Mozilla support.

The above mentioned error DOES NOT happen with Waterfox Browsers.

I apologize for any problems this may cause as we work towards finding a resolution to this problem which seems to be a problem with Firefox Browser. Apparently, something is causing our game to not be quite compatible with a Firefox Browser....whether that is our problem or theirs, I am uncertain.

I am guessing it is theirs, since this occurs with no other browser. But in the meantime...we have established some workarounds, and will be looking for a workaround that will allow this site to again be compatible with Firefox.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to try to resolve this issue...if it can be resolved.

Happy New Year!!
Silver Goddess Melanie2018-12-31 21:22:14
Our first New Year on the new site! Thanks to all my old players who stayed with us for some or all of the twelve years we were there! Great things are coming in the new year!

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