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Myrrdin's House
Water Goddess Melanie2022-08-08 18:10:57
Recently, I returned books to the Haunted Castle Library (this is the Library contained within the Haunted Castle in Xanterra, not the standalone libray also in Xanterra)

Some of you may also have discovered Myrrdin's House. It is in The Dark Alley in Nocturnem, and he can, for a price, also teach you skills.

It used to be that he would not teach the Rage, Mana, and Wisdom Specialties...I changed it so that now he does.

However, you can only visit Myrrdin once a day, and only three times in a kill cycle. If you have already visited in a day, or three times in a kill, you will not be able to see his house in the Dark Alley.

Congrats to Tournament winners, I have reset the Tournament.
Well, actually, that is what I am going to do right now as soon as I post this MTD so give me five minutes and the Tournament will be reset, LOL.

As always, thanks for playing!

Books Returned to Haunted Castle Library
Water Goddess Melanie2022-08-06 20:17:01
The books have been restored to the Haunted Castle Library in Xanterra, and categorized. Also, lowered the cost for traditional Skills books from 3 turns to 2 turns.

Dark Arts and Mystical always did cost 2 and so I left that alone, even though they are now, respectively Rage and Mana Specialties.

New Tat Sets Launched
Water Goddess Melanie2022-08-05 03:19:43
The Tat Sets for Mana, Rage, and Wisdom are now available at Petra's.

There are nine tats in each set, one for each specialty in the category, and a master tat representing the category...for a total of ten in each set.

The individual Specialty Tats open/unlock at Level 50 of any given Specialty. The master tat is available when ALL in that category have been raised to Level 50 or higher.

This brings the total available tats here to 150.

I will shortly be adding books back to the Haunted Castle Library in Xanterra. (This is the Library inside the haunted Castle...there is another Haunted Library in Xanterra)

Tournament Reset Early
Water Goddess Melanie2022-07-31 14:19:32
I reset the Tournament today, because everyone in it had completed all 15 levels...and tomorrow I have some family things to attend to, so was not sure when I might be able to get to a reset...so it was done early.

Final Specialty Added...well, almost...
Water Goddess Melanie2022-07-31 03:11:03
Ok, so a new Specialty has been added to fill out the MANA category, Grey Mage.

You need 200 DK and 2000 donation points to select this Specialty. As with all others, it does not charge you the donation points to select it....you just have to have the points.

As you might expect, Grey Mage is sorta a combination of the Black and White Mage. The Grey Mage is capable of both good spells and evil spells (of course, your view on what is good and evil could be different from other people's but that's a whole 'nother topic...) - but suffice to say this Mage can cast both types of spells.

There are now a total of 37 Specialties to choose from. 9 are MANA Specialties, 9 are RAGE Specialties, and 9 are WISDOM specialties. The remaining ten are Traditional Specialties....but only nine are available to most players, since the White Knight/Black Knight Specialties are alignment dependent.

Shortly we will begin working on tattoo sets for the RAGE, MANA and WISDOM Specialties...each tat will unlock at level 50 of a Specialty, and then a tenth tat in the set unlocks if ALL specialties in the category are 50 or higher.

This will bring the total number of available tats in this Realm to 150.

We also will then be working on re-adding books to the Haunted Castle Library in Xanterra.

This is where another Specialty is to be added, but you will never be able to select it....it is being added solely for the purpose of facilitating a specific book in that Library. It is in some other Realms so when you see it you may recognize it.

So, for most players fully DK unlocked, there will effectively be 36 Specialties for you to choose from, with one of those Specialties dependent on your alignment.

After all this, we will finish up work on a few other items, notably, the Spelling Bee and the Turns Carryover/Turns Cap.

The new Grey Mage Specialty is available to all at or over 200 DK, but as with all new Specialties, it is not yet fully tested, and I will be testing and tweaking it as needed.

When the recently added Cavalier and the Grey Mage Specialties are fully tested out, we will begin work on the tattoo launch. The progress you are earning on these Specialties right now WILL count towards unlocking tats, so no worries there.

As always, thanks for playing!

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