LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)
Tournament Reset
Goddess of Wind Melanie2022-06-27 20:01:53
Also, in case you all have been wondering, there is one more Specialty to convert, and then one more which is going to be brand new.

After that, I will work on getting library books back into place in the Haunted Castle, and make a few tweaks in the Dark Alley.

I will also need to make minor adjustments to some specialties...and then I have to finish up work on the Spelling Bee to randomize the order in which words appear, so that you can't just memorize your way through.

Also...There's likely a section or two to be added to Kalisiin's Cottage, so let me know if you think of something that needs to be added there. But we are getting close to all the changes planned for the time being.

The next change after that, hopefully, will be something called Vessa's Gem Mine. And it isn't quite what you might think at first glance.

New Specialty Conversion
Goddess of Wind Melanie2022-06-25 23:30:23
Castellan has been converted, and is now called Guardian. Since the role of a Castellan in heraldry was to guard the castle...it made a bit more sense to update this to Guardian.

It is a Rage Specialty. It is available at 200 DK, as the old Castellan was...but you also need to have 2000 Donation Points to select it (it does not charge your these points, however)

As with all newly-released Specialties, it is available to try for everyone who qualifies, but also is not yet fully debugged or tweaked to it's proper strength.

Goddess of Wind Melanie2022-06-21 16:43:07
Lost track of the days of the week, sorry for late reset on Tournament...

Goddess of Wind Melanie2022-06-21 16:43:07
Lost track of the days of the week, sorry for late reset on Tournament...

New Specialty Conversion Released
Goddess of Wind Melanie2022-06-11 04:38:36
So, I have just released Kujitai Skills, now as a WISDOM Specialty rather than the "traditional" format of specialties. It is only available to those who have 200 or more DK and have earned at least 2000 Site Points (It does not cost you those site points to choose the Specialty, however)

It is still in the testing and tweaking stage at this time, however, if you have the requisites, and are so inclined, feel free to give it a try.

MoTD Archives:

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