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Summer Semester!!
Ice Goddess Melanie2024-06-26 19:57:58
Been very busy, apologies for absence.

I actually had to withdraw from one of my two classes, because it was too much, especially with all the work my job schedules me for!

I have about amonth left in semester, and then 3-4 weeks off before Fall Semester starts, so I wil have a brief window in which t look into anything that needs to be looked into, please Petition these items.

Fixed Jonescave Arrows, Renamed Flower Shoppe
Admin Kalisiin2024-05-03 18:14:42
I have adjusted the arrows for Jones Cave, we will see if this helps. Also, per a request, I changed the name of Velle's Flower Shop, as her name was very similar to Vessa's name.

Pool Of Darkness Problem Fixed
Admin Kalisiin2024-04-16 02:58:57
I fixed it, at least temporarily, by making it impossible for the Talisman to fail to resurrect.

I have to look into the coding more to find out why it sticks you there indefinitely before restoring the chance of a failed resurrection.

Needless to say, this is not, at this time, a super high priority!

Delays and Tournament
Ice Goddess Melanie2024-04-14 10:28:13
I apologize for delays in taking care of thngs, life has been a little chaotic at the moment...I am in my final weeks of the Semester, I just got job transferred to another store, and I have political conventions upocming with a body in which I serve as 1st Vice Chair.

As such, I have not had time to pay proper attention to things.

I therefore doubled the free turns awards for donations for this month as compensation and offer my apology for the fact that life has gotten a little crazy.

As to the Tournament...

Two players tied for first place, and the program doesn't allow for this possiblity.

I therefore went in the Mayor's House with the stats as they showed on the board (Kristy 2nd Place, Marlie 1st place)
HOWEVER, I manually upped the prize Kristy got to equal a first place finish, and upped the prize Amanda got so that, though she finished third, got a second-place size award.

I do plan on taking Summer Semester, but only two classes. After June's State Convention, things should definitely start to quiet down a bit...so I am just going to have to ask everyone to be patient with me and understand that I am a human being too, and thus also have lots of obligations to meet in addition to taking care of things here.

I sincerely apologize for being unable to keep up as well as I would like here just lately, and ask for patience and understanding.

Internal Server Error Problem
Ice Goddess Melanie2024-03-13 03:11:56
I was tipped off by Morta, that the problem is that LOTDG.net is experiencing problems.

For now, I deactivated our registry with LOTGD.net an that seems to have solved the problem.

Just before I did it, I was having the same problem...after doing it that problem stopped.

So this may be at the root of the problem...it seems to be, anyway, and an h/t to Morta for tipping me off.

I hope this solves the problem so that people's gameplay is not interrupted.

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